Three Steps Garage Floor Coating Tips That You Can Follow

Follow these guide garage floor coating to apply epoxy paint thoroughly onto the garage floor in the right manner.

Garage floor coating is easy to be followed since you just need to prepare the tools then following the guides to add some coat onto the concrete garage floor.

Coating the floor is not only prevents slip, dust, oils, and other chemicals substances but it also improves the look of your garage floor plus enhances its home value. Follow below guides to know what you should do when you want to apply garage floor coat with epoxy paint.

Step by step garage floor coating 

Before coating the floor, you should ensure that the garage floor is clean meaning that it is free from dust, the dirt, debris, and other substances like oils or sealers that may prevent bonding.

That’s why you should clean the area first before move on to the next step. You may even need to scrub some of the dirt and visible stains. You can do that with power scrubber and detergent. More details below:

1. The first step is to prepare and clean the space

All the objects need to be moved out and removed, and after that, you should sweep the floor thoroughly. You can vacuum the floor to remove hard to see dirt or dust and particles. Wash and clean the floor gently using brush and degreaser and rinse the soap plus the dirt away. After that, tape the edge of the garage, steps, and the baseboard to limit the epoxy covers. Please take a note that when you see any break or damages on the floor, you should fix them first. When you are done the fix, wash, and clean the floor, then you should let the floor to cure for several hours before you paint it completely.

2. The second step is to apply the coat

You need to prepare epoxy paint to coating the garage floor and just buy an epoxy kit. It usually comes with two chemical packs, and you should mix them. Although one coat is enough, usually a good garage has three different coats which consist of the primer coat, base coat, and top coat. You can apply them with a roller, and before you move to the next coats, you need to let them dry first. Finish the coat by sprinkling the flakes or chips right after you did apply the paint onto the entire floor area, avoid mix the flakes into the can.

3. The third step is let the floor dry

The epoxy floor can dry to the touch depending on the temperature and humidity. But, it is recommended that you wait for the floor to dry overnight or for 1 to 3 days before you use it for foot and vehicle traffic. You can read the cans instructions since epoxy floor needs to cure for several days too and some products suggest between 3 to 7 days.

Those three step by step guides to coat the garage floor can be done for the DIY project. If you follow the tips well, you can even finish one garage floor in just a few hours. Hope this information helps you to improve your house area perfectly.